Personal Safety

The Isle of Wight Mountain Bike Centre takes personal safety of every rider seriously,
so please take a moment to read through our Personal Safety Guide.

ALWAYS wear a properly fitted safety helmet

When trying a new trail, always ride within your ability.

Be prepared for all emergencies, carry a basic first aid kit and a mobile phone.

Make sure you remember to make a mental note of the 'way markers' you pass at each stage of the trail, as this will save valuable time should the emergency services need to locate you.

Always carry some sort of identification.

Make sure someone knows where you are going.

Always wear reflective clothing regardless of daylight or good weather conditions.

Take care whilst cycling around the trail particularly in wet weather conditions.

Always carry water, it's also a good idea to carry snacks and spare clothing.

If you notice any problems with the trail or feel that something could be done better, please let us know.

Before setting off, make sure your bike is safe to ride.

Ride a bike that fits you.

Check tires are inflated correctly.

Test your brakes before riding, make sure your brake pads are not too worn down.

Make sure your bike is fitted with front and rear lights.